Term Deposits

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Term Deposits


  • Individual or HUF

Amount of Deposit

  • Minimum Rs 100/- or in Multiple of Rs. 100.

Tenure of the Deposit

  • Over 1 year and in multiple of 3 months.

Interest Rate

  • Subject to change by the Bank from time to time.

Types of Deposits & Interest Payment

  • The Deposits can be accepted under the scheme in MIDR / QIDR/FDR/CDR Accordingly interest to be paid half yearly/ quarterly/monthly/in lump sum on maturity.

Investment Limits

  • Minimum Rs 100/- or in Multiple of Rs. 100.

Tax aspects

  • Interest on these term deposits shall be liable to tax under the Act, The tax on such interest shall be deducted in accordance with the provisions of section 194A or section 195 of the Act

Transferability Feature

  • Can be transferred from one branch to another branch of the bank.

Nomination Facility

  • Available as per our existing practice in the Bank.

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